writing a blog available to everyone

We take for granted when we blog or write that fellow friends, family, and neighbors will be able to participate, unfortunately, for people with disabilities it can be a challenge if not impossible. According to the National Service Inclusion Project a Census Bureau survey conducted in 1992 found “an estimated 48.9 million people, or 19.4% of the non-institutionalized civilians, have a disability” [in the United States].

As a blogger, I want to make my page accessible for everyone so my first thought was to research how I could do this.  What I found is the best tips are given by people with disabilities. Here are a few: use larger font size, label all buttons, use contrast between the background and lettering, have an audio option, include trigger warnings and support services if the content is sensitive, use relevant links and finally, keep up on technology advances to use features that could enhance access.

I am grateful for the awareness, so it can drive a learning process and an on-going journey to engage, listen, and act on how to make my blog accessible to all.

IBM provides a good discussion on the importance of making technology available to people with disabilities along with demand for elegant design. Here is the link – its worth the watch!

Making Information Technology Accessible to the Aging and to People with Disabilities – Bing video

All comments and tips are welcome!

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